Abbots Langley Year 6 creative homework 

Year 6 were given a photo to get them thinking. 
Emma and Gabriel worked really hard!
The starting picture. 

Emma’s writing.   

My favourite paragraph!


Gabriel’s writing.


We hope you like our writing.

Hello from Breakspeare

It is summer time and our students are learning about flowers.

C6 students have  used their skills to think, look and use different colours to paint some amazing flower paintings.

  Their paintings are fabulous!


Welcome to our sharing site

After meeting as a group of local Headteachers, we decided that we needed a place to share the amazing learning that happens in our schools.

This site will be a space for schools to upload children’s work and will allow all children to become inspired, as a result of reading amazing examples from across our cluster.

Abbots Langley, Bedmond, Breakspeare, Divine Saviour, St Pauls and Tanners Wood will all publish to this site, so please let everyone know about it, so we can all enjoy the creative work from our brilliant children.